An Accredited Center on Inactive Status (See Request for Inactive Status) must apply for reactivation of Accredited Member center status within three years of being on Inactive Status.


1. An Accredited Member can remain on Inactive Status for up to three years. Each year during that time:

1.1. an annual accreditation fee is assessed; and
1.2. an Annual Report must be submitted (see Inactive Status).

2. An Inactive Accredited Member submits a request to return to Active Member status to the Area Accreditation Committee Chair and Accreditation Commission Chair c/o ACPE Accreditation at any time during the review cycle, and this will include a site visit. The request includes:

2.1. The Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3);
2.1. Completion of all steps required in the Ten Year Review.

3. Prior to the site visit, the Area Accreditation Chair may provide provisional approval, pending acceptance and review of the student handbook and the administrative structure.

4. If a Center is not reactivated within three years, the Area Accreditation Chair will notify the inactive center and the Accreditation Commission of the termination of Inactive Status and recommend to the Commission that accreditation be withdrawn involuntarily.


1. The Accredited Center on inactive status submits a request to return to Active Member status and required documentation to the Area Accreditation Committee Chair, the national office and Accreditation Commission Chair at any time during the review cycle.

2. The center will be required to complete the documentation and activities for the Ten Year Review. The fees for the type of center reviewed will be paid.

3. The Commission will act upon the request using the Ten Year Review process at its next Commission meeting and either approve the reactivation of active member status or deny the request and removes accreditation involuntarily.

4. Reactivation of active member status begins a new Ten Year Review cycle for the center.

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