1. Application for Pre-certification Consultation – The applicant makes a written request to the Area Certification Chair for the pre-certification consultation. This consultation can occur at the Area Certification Committee annual meeting, or the area chairperson can set up a committee who will assist in this consultation. At least one member of the Area Certification Committee must be on this committee of three to five members. A second Area Certification Committee member can sit on the committee as a distance member, e.g., through phone conferencing or use of technology This consultation addresses the student’s readiness to enter Certified Educator CPE, plans for the educational program, and theological foundation for providing pastoral care. No vote is taken as no decision is made. There will be a written presenter’s report that raises questions and recommendations about the written materials submitted by the applicant.

2. Consultation Summary – The committee provides a written summary in the form of a Committee Action Report/Request for Pre-certification Consultation to the student, with a copy to the Area Certification Committee Chair and applicant’s supervisor within 30 days of the consultation.

3. Primary Educator Consultation – After each appearance of a certified education student for pre-certification consultation, the primary educator for the student will consult with the committee.