Learning the art of clinical pastoral supervision demands a considerable investment of personal energy and time for theoretical study, theory and theology articulation, peer processing of supervisory work, personal growth, and supervised practice of individual and group supervision. ACPE values a collegial, consultative assessment of a person’s readiness to make that commitment before embarking on the process.

This consultation focuses on one’s readiness to enter into the educator learning process, demonstrated by adequate pastoral formation, the capacity to self-supervise, and personal and professional integration related to pastoral function and theological understanding inherent in providing spiritual/pastoral care. The readiness consultation requires the applicant and the applicant’s initial supervisor to be open to peer recommendations about the learning partnership and proposed educational path.

Upon admission to an accredited certified educator program, the Certified Educator Student (CES) begins the conceptual and historical study of clinical supervision. The period between readiness consultation and appearance for candidacy certification will normally be three to six months.

I. Policies
II. Procedures
III. Guidelines and Requirements
IV. Committee Review