1. Prerequisites to enter the certification process are Standard 402:

1.1 current ACPE clinical membership;
1.2 satisfactory completion of four units of CPE Level I/Level II;
1.3 acceptance into an ACPE accredited program of Certified Educator CPE; and
1.4 pre-certification consultation with a committee of consultants which includes at least one member of the Area Certification Committee about readiness for Certified Educator CPE. A second Area Certification Committee member can sit on the committee as a distance member, e.g., through phone conferencing or use of technology. This should be done within six months of being accepted into an ACPE accredited program of Certified Educator CPE.

2. The Certifed Educator responsible for Certified Educator CPE must be certified by ACPE.

3. The function of a CES is limited to levels of student engagement as progressively authorized by a primary educator from learning observer and lecturer to course assistant to supervising defined program activities under direct observation by an ACPE Certified Educator.