ACPE authorizes programs of clinical pastoral education, based on demonstrated ability to meet ACPE standards. ACPE accredits: (1) the ACPE centers that conduct CPE programs and (2) the programs – CPE Level I/Level II and Certified Educator CPE – the centers may offer. Accreditation ordinarily consists of two stages: Pre-accredited and Accredited Member status. Please note that pre-accredited status does not constitute pre-accreditation as defined by the U.S. Department of Education, and as such, centers with this designation do not qualify for any type of federal funding related to accreditation.

Accreditation by ACPE recognizes and confers accredited member status to three types of centers:

  • Institution sponsored,
  • System sponsored, and
  • Freestanding.

ACPE requires accredited centers to comply with ACPE Standards 300 Accreditation, as interpreted in the ACPE Accreditation Manual 2016. Centers desiring accreditation submit an application for review and undergo a standard review process.

Section I provides general policies governing ACPE accreditation processes.

Section II provides details for specific accreditation processes. Please note: all time frames are calendar days.