Standard 407 Formal requirements:

407.1 certification as Certified Educator Candidate.

407.2 ACPE membership as a Certified Educator Candidate.

407.3 completion of at least two units of supervised supervision of CPE as a Certfied Educator Candidate.

407.4 approval of all required theory position papers.

407.5 enrollment and in good standing in an ACPE Center that is accredited for the Certified Educator CPE program whenever supervising CPE Level I/Level II students.

Standard 408 Educator competence:

The Associate Certified Educator will be able to demonstrate a theoretical understanding for, and competence in, administering and conducting CPE Level I/Level II programs.

408.1 demonstrates a broadly understood and applied pastoral identity which is congruent with one’s pastoral practice .

408.2 demonstrates the ability to supervise student learning in individual and group contexts .

408.3 demonstrates the ability to plan, organize and implement a unit of CPE Level I/Level II (cf. standard 318).

408.4 demonstrates the ability to implement one’s theory of supervision (cf. Standard 316).)

408.5 critiques one’s supervisory methodology based on feedback.

408.6 demonstrates the development of an effective supervisory relationship (cf. Standard 319).).

408.7 demonstrates collegial competence.

Standard 409 Conceptual competence:

409.1 is familiar with diverse conceptual frameworks in pastoral theology, personality theory, learning theory, group process theory, cultural anthropology, social organization, and change.

409.2 is able to articulate and integrate one’s theory, skill, and art of supervision.

409.3 knows the ACPE standards and the history of CPE.

409.4 is able to affirm and/or modify one’s supervision in response to self- reflection, self-evaluation and the consultation of one’s supervisors, peers, and students.

Standard 410 Continues to demonstrate pastoral competence as defined in Standard 404.