Certified educator education involves the practice of supervision within limits set by the center’s Certified Educator program and the requirements of certification in ACPE. Certified Educator practicum requirements apply to students enrolled in Certified Educator CPE at both pre-candidate and candidate levels.

401.1 A Certified Educator Student’s practice of supervision is limited to those activities as described in the center’s Certified Educator program curriculum. Certified Educator CPE programs will demonstrate how Certified Educator Students advance from observing the supervision of CPE to supervising defined program activities under direct observation by an ACPE Certified Educator.

401.2 Certified Educator Students may observe supervision and begin assisting with limited elements of a CPE Level I/Level II program based on their development. Prior to certification as Candidate, Certified Educator Students may not serve as a CPE Level I/Level II student’s supervisor.

401.3 The Certified Educator practicum for Candidates will involve the development and conduct of programs of CPE Level I/Level II under supervision.