1. ACPE Standards require centers to maintain faculty composed of persons authorized by ACPE and of sufficient number to fulfill program goals.

2. Centers may not conduct CPE programs unless a person authorized by ACPE is present.

3. Centers may satisfy the requirements by employing or contracting with an ACPE Certified Educator on an interim basis.

4. Certfied Educators must notify the Commission as soon as they know they are leaving a faculty position, regardless of size or composition of center (See Step 1 below).

5. Time limits for vacancies in centers with no educator:

5.1. Centers must conduct a search and fill a vacancy within 12 months of the Certified Educator’s departure.
5.2. The Commission may grant one extension up to twelve months if the center demonstrates progress toward filling the vacancy.
5.3. Commission automatically withdraws accreditation status of a center remaining vacant more than two years.


1. Notify Accreditation Commission in writing (Appendix 2 Changes in Centers and Programs form and www.acpe.edu).

2. The Commission takes action as needed.