1. Pre-accredited and Accredited Member centers must notify the Commission of any substantive change(s) with potential for or adversely affecting capacity to meet ACPE standards and accreditation requirements for centers or programs. For example:

1.1. institutional ownership change, mergers or consolidations that affect the CPE program;
1.2. ownership change (free standing center);
1.3. educator change;
1.4. institutional and/or center name change;
1.5. program discontinued; or
1.6. center closure.


1. Submit Changes in Centers and Programs form to ACPE Accreditation within 30 days (postmarked) of the change.

2. The center will be contacted if there is a need for further follow up.

3. Area Accreditation Committee reviews changes, evaluates the impact on program(s), and responds as follows:

3.1. receives the report as information;
3.2. receives the report and affirms center’s action;
3.3. receives the report and makes recommendations; or
3.4. requests consultation and/or site visit at center’s expense and makes recommendations.

4. Area Accreditation Committee forwards findings/recommendations to Commission, which takes final action as needed.