Automatic Notations

Centers must comply with Standard 300.1 All CPE Centers shall maintain compliance with ACPE Standards, reports, procedures, and fees as detailed in the ACPE Manual. For example, late submissions of Annual Center Reports, Student Unit Registrations, responses to assigned notations/periodic reviews, etc. will generate an automatic notation at the next regularly scheduled Commission meeting. Area Accreditation Chairs are notified when centers register a student unit(s) late.

Notations for Recurrence of the Same Standard

When a center is assigned a notation for the same Standard, after having returned to full compliance, within a two-year period, a site visit and consultation, at center’s expense, will be conducted by at least one area accreditation committee representative within two months of the Commission meeting at which the repeated notation is assigned. Recommendations follow the consultation/site visit. The center will document the consultation, site visit, and recommendations in the next Annual Center Report. The committee will make recommendations to the Commission for review at the next meeting after the notation is assigned.

Notations Assigned and Removed Concurrently

1. Only notations for Standards 300.1 and 308.8.1 may be assigned and removed concurrently at the same meeting when a center self-reports or receives a report from ACPE about non-compliance, i.e., late student unit registration. Centers may self-report non-compliance with these two standards to the Area Accreditation Chair with a complete plan of action and documentation of a two-cycle compliance. When the center self-reports with a complete plan of action, the area accreditation committee may recommend the notation be assigned and removed in the same Commission meeting.

2. When a Certified Educator requests in advance and receives an extension on submission of the final evaluation(s) (Standard 308.8.1), no notation will be assigned to the center. When a center submits a self-report of non-compliance with 308.8.1 accompanied by a complete plan of action to bring the center into compliance, a notation may be assigned and removed concurrently at the next Commission meeting. Centers informing the area accreditation committee or the Commission of late final evaluations receive an automatic notation.

Notation Responses Reviewed by the Area Accreditation Committee

Only responses to Standard 300.1 are submitted to and reviewed by the area accreditation committee. The committee then recommends action (assign, assign/remove, or remove the notation) to the Commission. A Commission reviewer assigned by the Commission Chair reviews all other notation responses.

Non-compliance with Standards Identified During Periodic Required Reviews

1. Centers shall document any non-compliance with standards discovered during a self-study or identified in the Site Team Report Part I.

2. Non-compliance identified during periodic reviews and addressed by the center within the review time frame and before the Commission vote may not be assigned a notation. The Commission makes the final decision on all accreditation matters.

Notations Removal

1.Centers must address notation(s) and come into compliance with standard(s) within six months or one year, as specified by the Commission.

1.1. Take corrective action and document full compliance with standard(s).
1.2. Submit a notation(s) response with written documentation of full compliance with standard(s) to Commission (or area accreditation committee) as specified in the Commission Action Report.
1.3.Commission Chair assigns a Commission reviewer (except as noted above in Notation Responses Reviewed by the Area Accreditation Committee) who reviews the material and makes a recommendation to the Commission.
1.4. Commission takes action.

2.The Commission may determine that the Center has complied partially with a notation. In such cases, notations will be continued for a timeframe specified by the Commission.

3. The Commission shall initiate an adverse action if the center fails to respond to a notation and come into compliance with standard(s) within the specified time.

4.When a center does not address notations assigned in the Commission Action Report within the timeframe specified by the Commission to remove a notation, the Commission may grant an Extension under the following conditions:

4.1.The Center is without an ACPE Certified Educator during the assigned period. The center may not admit students, continue programs in progress or offer programs of ACPE CPE in the absence of an ACPE Associate Certified Educator or ACPE Certified Educator.
4.2.The Center hires a new Certified Educator during the specified period of the notation.
4.3.The center does not offer enough units to demonstrate compliance within the specified time.

5.The Commission, in consultation with the Chair of the Center’s Area Accreditation Committee, will verify the Center’s circumstances before rendering a decision.

6.An Extension can be no more than six months. If the Commission decides not to offer an Extension, one of the following actions may occur:

6.1. suspend the program.
6.2. terminate Accredited Membership.