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1. Area Accreditation Chair consulted before beginning accreditation process.
2. Notify ACPE of intent to begin accreditation process (Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet, Appendix 3) with a copy to ACPE Accreditation Commission Chair and Area Accreditation Chair. A site visit will be required.
3. Clearly identify the name of the proposed center.
5. Self-study and other required materials completed. Self-study is in the form of a proposal demonstrating how the system center will organize itself through a central administrative structure and assure consistent communications, consistent practice, and accountability at component or satellite program sites.

5.1. Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3);
5.2. Center Disclosure Information form (Appendix 4)
5.3. Center Name(s) and number(s) (including any satellite programs) and current accreditation for each CPE program (Level I/Level II and/or Certified Educator CPE)
5.5. List of professional advisory group members (name and title);
5.6. History of the center(s)’ accreditation, if applicable: dates, recommendations, notations and other actions; copy of Commission Action Reports;
5.7. Record of CPE programs offered at the accredited center(s) since last accreditation review: type of program(s), dates, number of students, supervisor(s) (if applicable);
5.8. Record of CPE programs offered at the Institution sponsored center(s) since last accreditation review: type of program(s), dates, number of students, Certified Educator(s);
5.9. Annual center reports for each year since last Commission Review
5.10. Current Student handbook(s) (primary document for assessing compliance with many ACPE standards; material does not need to be duplicated in self study document); may be master handbook with component site specific materials in an appendix);
5.11. Appendix 5, Part I indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed;
5.13. Self study that includes description and documentation of self study process and methodology:

a. rationale and objectives for CPE at the center.
b. summary of institutional changes since last annual report
c. evaluation of administrative structure and support needed to meet ACPE standards and center’s capacity to meet them, including description of professional advisor group’s involvement.
d. review and update of curriculum based on ACPE standards (ACPE Standards 309-319
e. evaluation of effectiveness and function of clinical and educational resources.
f. review and update of policies and procedures needed for function of CPE programs.
g. analysis and report of program completion rates and student achievements. (Appendix 6 C Sample Report of Student Completion Rates and Achievements); must include analysis of data from threshold reports and how it is being used
h. summary of outcomes from on-going program evaluations and changes made in response to consumer feedback
i. assessment of overall compliance with ACPE standards for each specific CPE program
j. how center has processed and/or resolved complaints filed by students
k. assessment of strengths and limitations of center and each CPE program, identifying unique qualities of the center and the educational programs, including limitations.
l. review and revision of student handbook for the program(s) (Appendix 5, Part I).
m. changes proposed as result of self study
n. center’s future plans.

6. Copy of required materials sent to each member of the site visit team 45 days (postmarked) prior to site visit.