1. A prospect CPE center may apply for review as a Pre-accredited center when:

1.1 it appears to be satisfactorily working toward accreditation, and
1.2. it demonstrates the feasibility of achieving Accredited Member status within a reasonable time frame.

2. Pre-accredited status is granted for three years; centers may request one-year extensions, renewable for a maximum two years. Pre-accredited status may not exceed five years.


1. Contact ACPE office to request information on accreditation of a CPE center.
2. Hire an ACPE Certified Educator.
3. Form a professional advisory group.
4. Complete and send the Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet, with a copy to Area Accreditation Chair at least four months prior to anticipated site visit. (This review is done localy.)
5. Contact Area Accreditation Chair to begin discussion of assignment of an area site team chair.
6. Conduct feasibility study to document resources are available to meet all ACPE standards for accreditation (ACPE Standards 300 – 319).
7. Submit materials (checklist and Appendix 5 Part I and Part II.
8. Follow standard review process.
9. Center may begin offering CPE programs for credit with the recommendation of the site visit team and letter of provisional approval from the area accreditation committee chair. Provisional approval is subject to review of the area accreditation committee and final action of the Commission.
10. Commission actions include one of the following:

10.1. grant Pre-accredited status;
10.2. specify areas of deficiency and require the center to report on corrective actions within a specified time, not to exceed one year; or
10.3. deny Pre-accredited status.

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