1. Submission of written materials

2. Materials are to be postmarked or submitted electronically at least five weeks prior to the meeting.

3. Submit all the following materials to each member of the committee:

3.1 Certification Commission Face Sheet (Appendix 2);
3.2 Documentation of current ACPE Membership;
3.3 Student’s and Certified Educators’ evaluations of all previous CPE sent only to the presenter;
3.4 Current statement about personal/cultural development, family background, educational and vocational history, religious/spiritual development and CPE experience, with particular articulation of strengths and weaknesses as a potential supervisor and motivation for entering a certified educator program;
3.5 Paper articulating student’s theological position that undergirds the student’s practice of spiritual care;
3.6 Description of anticipated program of Certified Educator CPE; include the current learning contract and proposed curriculum and timetable moving toward certification, prepared jointly with educator;
3.7 A verbatim which demonstrates pastoral competence and congruence with the student’s theology of spiritual care (refer to Standard 101.5 Confidentiality);
3.8 Level II consultation report and any previous presenters’ and committee action reports on any prior committee appearance;
3.9 Appendix 8. Note: Students should confirm during the consultation they will be able to complete all requirements for Certified Educator Candidacy within the next 3-6 months, including the ordination/commission requirements.

4. Preservation of records — The student is responsible for preserving the materials prepared for the readiness consultation, including the consultation summary.