A. Written materials must meet these guidelines in addition to any specified for each level. Materials must be:

1. limited to five single-spaced typewritten pages (not including footnotes, bibliography and verbatim conversation) for each paper, using a standard 1 inch margin and font size at least 12 point Times New Roman.

2. organized to facilitate ease of evaluation, including table of contents and tabs.

3. clear, legible and reflective of the purpose for which presented.

4. written at a graduate level of quality.

5. documented with footnotes for materials cited directly or paraphrased and page numbers.

B. The papers will be evaluated on the degree to which they are congruent with the person of the applicant as experienced by the subcommittee in the face-to-face meeting.

C. Required materials are submitted to the presenter and committee at least five weeks (postmarked) or electronically before meetings. The presenter will inform the student if the materials are not complete and will not write a report until all materials are complete and meet the stated requirements.

Materials submitted to a national committee must be submitted to committee members electronically, with the exception of the presenter’s binder (hard copy) sent to the presenter. Materials are sent to an area committee per the region’s process.