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1. Notify ACPE of intent to begin accreditation process. Send Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet, Appendix 3, with a copy to ACPE Accreditation Commission Chair and Area Regional Accreditation Chair.
2. Application fee paid.
4. Documentation in good standing (no adverse actions pending or taken) with state or other accrediting agencies. board of directors with community representation. financially stable. own or rent space from which center operates.
5. Complete and submit feasibility study and other required materials

5.1. Center Disclosure Information form (Appendix 4)
5.3. List of professional advisory group members (name and title);
5.4. History of the center’s prior accreditation, if any;
5.5. Student handbook (primary document for assessing compliance with many ACPE standards; material does not need to be duplicated in self study document);
5.6. Appendix 5, Part I and Part II indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed and where specific files, etc are located on site;
5.9. Description and documentation of Feasibility Study process and methodology:

a. how key personnel, e.g., staff, administration, professional consultation group, were familiarized with ACPE organization, ACPE 2016 Standards and 2016 Accreditation Manual;
b. rationale and objectives for adding a CPE program (or Certified Educator CPE program) at the center;
c. administrative structure and support available to meet ACPE standards and center’s capacity to meet the standards; include description of professional advisory committee’s involvement;
d. curriculum based on ACPE standards (See ACPE Standards 309-319
e. clinical and educational resources;
f. policies and procedures needed for function of CPE programs;
g. how center plans to comply with ACPE standards (do not repeat material in student handbook);
h. assessment of overall potential for compliance with ACPE standards for each specific CPE program;
i. strengths and limitations of proposed center and each CPE program identifying unique qualities (including limitations) of the center and the educational programs; include changes proposed as a result of the feasibility study;
j. center’s future plans.

6. A copy of all required materials sent to each member of the site visit team at least 45 days (postmarked) prior to site visit.