A freestanding accredited center is an independently incorporated center whose primary mission is to provide programs of CPE through on-campus programs or through satellite program arrangements.


1. ACPE accredits only freestanding CPE agencies or institutions with documented legal authorization from the state in which incorporated to provide post- secondary education.
2. A free-standing center must:

2.1.be in good standing (no adverse actions pending or taken) with state or other accrediting agencies,
2.2.have a board of directors with community representation,
2.3.be financially stable, and
2.4.own or rent space from which it operates.

3. The Commission grants Pre-accredited status for three years to centers not previously accredited; centers may request one year extensions, renewable for maximum two years. Pre-accreditation status may not exceed five years.


1. Single site – follow procedure for:

1.1. Pre-accredited status
1.2. Pre-accredited status to Accredited Member

2. Multiple sites:

2.1. For initial review, meet requirements for System Sponsored Center.
2.2. Pre-accreditation process applies if center was not previously accredited.
2.3. Meet requirements for site visit specified for System Sponsored Centers.


Freestanding Center (Single Site) Pre-accreditation Status Checklist
Freestanding Center (Single Site) Pre-accreditation to Accredited Member Status Checklist
Freestanding Center (Multiple Sites) Pre-accreditation Status or Accredited Member Status Checklist