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1. Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3) with copy to Area Accreditation Chair.
2. Current student handbook(s) for each type of program offered.
3. Appendix 5, Part I indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed.
4. If Satellite Program(s) exists, current student handbook(s) for each type program offered at Satellite Program and copy of current contract(s).
5. Copies of past four years’ annual center reports (Appendix 1) and any correspondence between center and regional accreditation committee about the reports.
6. Written narrative including:

6.1. Summary of any institutional changes since last annual report;
6.2. Summary of outcomes from on-going program evaluations and changes made in response to consumer feedback; may summarize from annual reports; must include analysis of data from threshold reports and how it is being used;
6.3. Description of involvement of professional advisory group;
6.4. Description of how center has processed and/or resolved any complaints filed by students.

7. Statement from ACPE that all fees are paid and center is in good financial standing.