1. Centers are required to submit written documentation of compliance with ACPE standards during the fifth year of the ten-year accreditation review cycle.
2. The Five Year Review does not require a self-study and site visit.


1. ACPE notifies centers due for review in September prior to the scheduled review year.
2. The center submits documentation to BoardEffect by March 31 of the scheduled review year.
3. Area Accreditation Committee chair assigns two readers/reviewers. The center may have input on their selection.
4. Readers submit a preliminary report of the review to the center through BoardEffect by June 1 with any requests for additional information or documentation.
5. Center responds through BoardEffect by July 1, attaching any supporting documentation.
6. Reviewers prepare a final report and submit copies to center and Area Accreditation Committee through BoardEffect by September 1.
7. Area Accreditation Committee:

7.1. reviews report and takes one of the following actions:

a. receives the five-year report and affirms the center;
b. receives the report and requests additional documentation and/or makes recommendations to the center; or
c. after receiving additional documentation, requests consultation and/or site visit at center’s expense, with recommendations following the visit.

7.2. reports affirmative actions in a summary report to the Commission. If notations for non-compliance are recommended, the Commission assigns a reviewer who reviews materials and presents to Commission for action.

8. The Five Year Review for components in an area (s) outside the area of the administrative center is conducted by the area committee of the administrative center.
9. Commission reviews the actions/report of the Regional Accreditation Committee and assigns notations, if any.

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