An educational placement is a site for educational meeting of a CPE group outside the accredited center or satellite program for no more than two units of training external to an Accredited Member or Satellite Program and established by formal agreement. The educational placement is intended to provide flexibility for a site considering the development of an accredited ACPE Center, Satellite Program or Component. If an educational placement site becomes a clinical placement site for three or more students, or more than two units of CPE, it is required to become a satellite program. Centers with alternative scenarios should consult with Accreditation Commission.


1. The Accredited Member center or Satellite Program must meet the following pre- approval requirements of being in “good standing”:

1.1. current with all financial obligations to ACPE;
1.2. have no current grievances filed or in process;
1.3. have no called reviews within the last five years; and
1.4. have no current notations.

2. The Accredited Member or Satellite Program must complete an educational placement agreement (checklist following) . The agreement must include the following descriptions or details:

2.1. administrative lines of reporting;
2.2. educational lines of reporting;
2.3. timeframe for the unit;
2.4. dates of the educational meeting times;
2.5. location of the educational placement;
2.6. copies of any clinical placements used;
2.7. financial arrangements;
2.8. liability coverage, if required by either organization; and
2.9. signatures of an administrative representative from each organization and of ACPE Certified Educator(s).

3. The Accredited Member Center or Satellite Program must annually:

3.1. inform the Area Accreditation Chair about the placement agreement.
3.2. submit the educational placement agreement to the Area Accreditation Chair at least 45 calendar days (postmarked) before the unit will commence at the educational placement site. Chair verifies all items are included.
3.3. report on the center’s annual report about any educational placements that are used and include a copy of the signed educational placement agreement with the annual center report.


1. Accredited Member or Satellite Program submits educational placement agreement(s) to the Area Accreditation Committee Chair.

2. Accredited Member or Satellite Program reports the use of an educational placement agreement on the next annual report and includes a copy of the completed agreement.

Click here for the Educational Placement Agreement Form Checklist