1. The consultation meeting with the student and supervisor focuses on:

1.1 demonstration of competence in each of CPE Level I/Level II outcomes;
1.2 pastoral competence as demonstrated by adequate pastoral formation and self-supervision of the pastoral practice;
1.3 potential for certification as evidenced by motivation and capacity to meet formal requirements for Certified Educator Candidate;
1.4 ability to articulate a theological framework for ministry and clinical pastoral education, and demonstration of familiarity with the Spiritual Care Collaborative Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy (See ACPE 2016 Standards, Appendix 2).

2. The primary educator submits a one page paper, postmarked/electronic at least five weeks prior to the meeting, addressing the educator’s plans for the certified educator program, an assessment of the student’s learning issues, a theoretical basis for working with the student, strengths and weaknesses of the theory, and any identified areas requiring consultation. This consultation is for the CPE Certified Educator and is conducted immediately after the readiness consultation.