1. Submit to all committee members and Presenter:

a. Certification Commission Face Sheet (Appendix 2).
b. Current or updated personal history paper.
c. All previous Presenters’ Reports and Committee Action Reports from Candidacy onward.
d. A full account of how recommendations from previous appearance before certification committees are being addressed.
e. Brief document demonstrating progress toward certification at the next level and stating a rationale for the request for an extension. Include a statement of the status of position papers. If papers have passed, include a one page summary of theories

2. Additionally submit to Presenter only:

a. Up to a five page paper describing the practice of supervision. The paper should be a current paper, not the same paper used in a previous extension committee appearance, describing two vignettes from supervisory practice and include: a description of the Candidate’s pastoral identity and an explicit description of how the Candidate’s learning theory informed supervisory practice within each vignette.
b. All CPE Program Evaluation forms (Appendix 4) since becoming a Candidate.
c. Signed (student and educator) copy of the customized learning contract.
d. Candidate’s most recent self-evaluations and Candidate’s and educator’s evaluations of the most recent units, up to the last four units of Certified Educator CPE since Candidacy status. The CES and Certified Educator are to submit a set of evaluations for the current unit, even if the 45 day limit (Standard 308.8.1) has not yet been reached. If the CES’s Certified Educator education unit has not yet ended, submit a “mid-term” evaluation to reflect the CES’s and educator’s evaluation of the CES’s competence in all areas.
e. List and discuss impact on supervisory practice of all supervisory and supervisory related activities since the last appearance: dates, type of activity, including all ACPE local, area, and national activities.
f. Signed Attestation of Good Standing Form (Appendix 8).
g. Appendix 5 Consent Form for unit from which using student material.

3. Subcommittee/Commission Review

a. Subcommittee review focuses on the Certified Educator Candidate’s continuing competence.

b. Subcommittee action, based on committee members’ professional opinion and experience, is one of the following:

i. grant the request for Certified Educator Candidate extension.
ii. deny the request for Certified Educator Candidate extension.
iii. If the extension is denied, the Candidate must make a successful appearance for an extension at the next area committee meeting to retain Candidate status. Candidates denied extension by the area certification committee may not meet the Commission until the status has been resolved favorably at the area level.
iv. revoke Certified Educator Candidate status if Candidate-level competencies are clearly unmet and/or if students are being harmed. If such action is considered, the committee must confer with the area certification chair prior to making the decision.