1. Certified Educator Candidate status is granted for two years.

2. Extensions may be granted by the Area Certification Committee. Each extension may be granted for up to two years.

a. Candidate status is limited to six years from the date of certification as a Candidate.
b. Each extension requires meeting with the Area Committee as detailed in items 2 and 3 below.
c. Certification Commission denial of Associate Certified Educator status results in automatic extension of Candidate status up to one year, unless it would exceed the six-year limit.
d. Candidates whose Candidate status has expired shall have the opportunity up to three years after the expiration to apply to meet with an extension committee to request reinstatement of their candidacy.

3. If the extension is denied, the Certified Educator Candidate must make a successful appearance for an extension at the next Area Committee meeting to retain Candidate status.

a. Extension may be for up to two years.
b. Certified Educator Candidates denied extension by the Area Certification Committee may not meet the Commission until status has been resolved favorably at the area level.

4. A Candidate’s request for an extension will receive an automatic denial, at the discretion of the Area Certification Chair and in consultation with the Chair of the Certification Commission, if the Candidate fails to meet the standards and/or requirements for meeting the committee for the extension request.

5. A negative decision from two successive sub committee appearances for extension results in automatic reversion to pre-candidacy status.