1. The Accreditation Commission shall require a site visit when, in its judgment, there is cause to believe a Pre-accredited or Accredited Member center:

1.1. is substantially out of compliance with ACPE Standards.
1.2. fails to submit Annual Center Report (Appendix 1).
1.3. fails to inform the Commission of substantive changes.
1.4. conducts CPE programs in a manner contrary to the best interest of its students.

2. Circumstances precipitating a called review are specific to each situation. The Commission will specify the scope of the called review and the documentation required in its action.
3. Concerns precipitating a called review will be brought to the Commission by the recommendation of a Area Accreditation Committee or by referral from another ACPE commission or committee.
4. Expenses for a called review will be paid by the Commission.


1. Commission chair notifies center of required review, scope of the review and required documentation.
2. Commission chair selects called review team chair and, in consultation with the chair and the area accreditation committee chair, selects a called review team.
3. Commission chair, called review team chair and ACPE Certified Educator at affected site work out a schedule for the visit.
4. Commission chair notifies supervisor at affected site of materials required for the review and time frames for submission to called review team. If cooperative efforts fail, chair schedules the called review visit and gives supervisor 30 days written notice.
5. The Part I Report is due to the Center 14 days after the conclusion of the site visit.
6. The Center’s Response to the Part I Report is due to the National Site Team Chair 44 days after the conclusion of the site visit (30 days after the 14 day period for receipt of the Part I Report ends).
7. The Part II Report is due to the Center 58 days after the conclusion of the site visit (14 days after the 30 day period for the Center’s Response ends). A copy is sent to the center and copies of Report Part I, the center’s response, and Report Part II to the Commission Chair and Area Accreditation Chair.
8. The Commission takes final action at its next scheduled meeting. If the Commission believes final action is warranted sooner than the Commission’s next scheduled meeting, action may be taken electronically or in person.