Section 6.02, Duties.
The Psychotherapy Commission shall:

  1. to establish requirements and maintain procedures for the implementation of ACPE individual and institutional membership categories
  2. to provide direction and assistance for implementation of psychotherapist Communities of Practice
  3. to oversee the development and implementation of the Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) program
  4. to provide oversight for Continuing Education programs and events related to psychotherapist and practitioner membership categories
  5. to revise, pilot, and roll out a new version of the Pastoral Care Specialist (PCS) curriculum
  6. to create a process for identifying, developing and recommending leaders for ACPE offices, new communities of practice for psychotherapists and other leadership opportunities related to the integration of former AAPC members into the mission and leadership structure of ACPE.

Section 6.03, Election of Members.

  1. The Psychotherapy Commission shall be comprised of 11 members: Chair, Chair-elect, nine ACPE members.
  2. The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) nominates officers and members for the Psychotherapy Commission; Commission officers and members are elected by the ACPE membership annually.
  3. Commission members may serve three-year terms and may succeed themselves one time after serving a full term. In the event someone completes a term of office for another member, they are still eligible to complete two full terms of office [Spring 2001, Motion 42]. Members are assigned to classes by the LDC.
  4. Commission chairs may serve a 2-year term and may not succeed themselves. Commission chair-elects/vice-chair will serve a two-year term, has full voting rights, and may act on behalf of the chair when the chair is absent or unable to fulfill her/his role.