1. Formal requirements (ACPE Standard 407)

a. Certified Educator Candidate certification;
b. ACPE membership as a Certified Educator Candidate;
c. Appendix 8 (include in materials when signed and returned by ACPE Director of Programs or designee) updated and submitted;
d..completion of at least two units of supervised supervision of CPE as a Certified Candidate (the unit presented cannot be co-supervised);
e. approval of all required theory position papers (ACPE Standard 407.4).

2. Completion of expected outcomes of Certified Educator CPE (ACPE Standards 404, 408-410).

Refer also to objectives and outcomes of Certified Educator CPE, ACPE Standards 313-319.

3. Written requirements

(See also Written Materials) Materials are to be submitted at least five weeks prior to the meeting. Submit required materials electronically to committee members and a hard copy binder to the Presenter.

See Associate Certified Educator Review for more information.