Associate Certified Educator status is granted by a subcommittee of the Certification Commission for two years.

1. Time limitation

a. Within two years of being granted Associate Certified Educator status, the Associate Certified Educator must meet with the Area Certification Committee for extension of Associate Certified Educator status or with the Commission to apply for ACPE Certified Educator certification.
b. Extension of Associate Certified Educator status may be renewed for up to two years by the Area Certification Committee. Associate Certified Educators not certified as ACPE Certified Educator within six years revert automatically to Candidate status.

2. Authorization – Associate Certified Educators are authorized to conduct CPE Level I/ Level II programs.

3. Change of area – Within 60 days of moving to a new area, Associate Certified Educators:

a. notify the Area Certification Committee chair in the new area who notifies the Commission chair; and
b. request that the Area Certification Chair in the former area transfers their certification files to the area certification chair in the new area.
c. must automatically meet the Area Certification Committee in the new region to retain Associate Certified Educator certification if they do not inform the Area Certification Committee Chair of their move into the area within 60 days.