1. Application – The Associate Certified Educator contacts the area certification committee chair in writing to request a meeting with an Area Certification Subcommittee and sends a copy to the ACPE Director of Programs or designee. The meeting will be at the convenience of the area.

2. Extension may be for up to two years.

3. If the extension is denied, the Associate Certified Educator must make a successful appearance for an extension at the next Area Certification Committee meeting to retain Associate status. Associate Certified Educators denied extension by the area certification committee may not meet the Commission until status has been resolved favorably at the area level.

4. An Associate Certified Educator’s request for an extension will receive an automatic denial, at the discretion of the Area Certification Chair and in consultation with the Chair of the Certification Commission, if the Candidate fails to meet the standards and/or requirements for meeting the committee for the extension request.

5. A negative decision from two successive subcommittee appearances for extension results in automatic reversion to Candidate status.

6. Associate Certified Educator status may be withdrawn as noted above. Upon notification of the withdrawal, one must receive weekly supervisory consultation on any current CPE unit being supervised and may not conduct a new unit of CPE, except under the supervision of an ACPE Certified Educator, until any appeal is resolved.