1. Annual reports are due from centers on January 15 and must be submitted via BoardEffect.
2. Centers not submitting the report by January 15 receive a notation for Standard 300.1 from the Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


1. Submit completed report and required documentation to BoardEffect.
2. Members of the Area Accreditation Committee review reports at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
3. Committee actions may be one of the following:

3.1 Receive the Annual Report and Affirm the Center
3.2 Receive the Annual Report and request additional documentation
3.3 Receive the Annual Report and request consultation or site visit at the Center’s expense
3.4 Receive the Annual Report and make recommendations to the Center
3.5 Receive the Annual Report and bring concerns to the Accreditation Commission

4. The Area Accreditation Committee reports in writing to the Commission on each center and places report in area accreditation committee files:

4.1. center’s compliance with ACPE standards.
4.2. recommendations and/or requests for further documentation.
4.3. documentation of the need for further consultation and/or site visit.
4.4. note of complaints filed in center during the previous year.

5. Commission follows procedure for assignment/removal of notations if consultation and/or site visit has occurred.