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1. Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3) to add Certified Educator CPE.
2. Required materials (two copies) sent to area Accreditation Chair: A proposal, in lieu of a self-study including:

2.1. Rationale for this new program;
2.2. Congruence of proposal with mission and goals of the Accredited Member center;
2.3. Summary of Accreditation history of CPE at Accredited Member center;
2.4. Survey of prospective student enrollment;
2.5. Provision for additional faculty, financial and support resources;
2.6. Specific manual(s) for any clinical placement(s)/educational placement(s):
2.7. Copy of clinical placement agreements and/or copy of educational placement agreements;
2.8. Copy of supervisory student agreement(s)/contract template(s):

a. delineation of supervisory involvement of primary educator,
b. clear delineation of the administrative and educational mechanisms by which the Certified Educator CPE student is related to the Accredited Center and the primary educators(s), information about benefits, stipend, responsibilities, etc.

3. Certified Educator CPE student handbook or pertinent sections of the master student handbook containing:

3.1.Detailed curriculum that demonstrates progress toward certification and a syllabus for at least the first unit of Certified Educator CPE,
3.2. Demonstration of compliance with ACPE standards, including materials specific to clinical/educational placements, if any (include clinical/educational site specific materials, e.g., administration, orientation, other particulars),
3.3. Appendix 5, Part I indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed.

4. Materials mailed to Area Accreditation Chair 45 days (postmarked) before unit is to begin