1. The accredited center must submit a complete application at least 45 days (postmarked) before the first unit of Certified Educator CPE will commence and may apply at any time during the review cycle.
2. Pre-accredited centers may add Certified Educator CPE during the pre-accredited cycle.
3. Does not require a site visit, but area accreditation committee may require one based on its review of the proposal.
4. An accredited center may begin programs once it has received a letter of provisional approval from the area accreditation committee chair. The area accreditation committee chair sends a copy of the letter of provisional approval to the National Office.
6. Provisional approval is subject to review by the area accreditation committee.
7. Final action is by the Commission. Commission actions include one of the following:

• approve the addition of Certified Educator CPE; or
• deny the request and provide the basis for denial, citing ACPE Standards.


1. Notify area accreditation committee chair of the intent to add Certified Educator CPE using the Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3) so a reviewer can be identified, either area accreditation committee chair or chair representative.
2. Submit required materials to regional accreditation committee chair (or chair representative) at least 45 days (postmarked) before the unit is to begin (Appendix 5 Part I) indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed.
3. Materials will be reviewed within 30 days of their receipt by the reviewer.

3.1.If materials are satisfactory, a letter of provisional accreditation will be issued by the Area Accreditation Chair.
3.2.If inadequacies are found, a letter outlining the inadequacies will be issued. The letter can either:

a. issue provisional status with a timeline regarding submission of the corrections; or
b.deny provisional status and outline the inadequacies (Training cannot begin until provisional status is granted).

4. The application for the addition of Certified Educator CPE and a presenter’s report (from the reviewer) will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting of the area accreditation committee for committee action.
5. The Area Accreditation Chair will bring the recommendation of the area accreditation committee (either recommending that Certified Educator CPE be added or not added) to the Accreditation Commission.

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