A component site is a place, usually a facility owned by the sponsoring institution or agency, where a System Sponsored Center offers one or more CPE programs under its single accreditation.


1. The central administrative office of the System Sponsored Center administers all CPE programs at component sites and ensures component sites meet ACPE standards. See System Sponsored Center.
2. A component site may begin programs only after having received provisional approval by the area accreditation committee chair (or chairs if cross-area component site).
3. Provisional approval is subject to review by the area accreditation committee and final action of the Accreditation Commission.
4. Accredited Centers merging with a System Sponsored Center will request accreditation as a component of the System Center once they merge with the System Sponsored Center.
5. The Accredited Center will maintain its current accreditation status until its accreditation as a component has been approved by the Accreditation Commission. Once the center is approved as a component of the System Sponsored Center, the Accredited Center will surrender its accreditation for all programs offered by the Accredited Center.
6. An Accredited Center that has become a component of a System Sponsored Center may only offer programs for which the System Center is currently accredited.
7. For Accredited Centers becoming components of System Sponsored Centers, a site review will be required for those Accredited Centers that have not had an accreditation review in the past five years, unless the System Sponsored Center is scheduled for a ten-year review within the next two years.


1. System Sponsored Center submits:

1.1.a revised administrative plan, demonstrating how the new component is linked to the central administrative authority and how it is organized to offer programs in compliance with ACPE standards;
1.2. site-specific student handbook; and
1.3.Appendix 5, Part I

2. The System Sponsored Center sends three copies of the material required on the checklist to the Area Accreditation Chair at least forty-five (45) days (postmarked) prior to the start of any program at the component site.

3. Site visit is at the discretion of the area accreditation committee(s) chair(s) except as noted in Policy #7 above.

4. If the component site is in another area than the System Sponsored Center, both regional accreditation committees review materials and determine if a site visit is required.

5. The area accreditation committee chair(s) will bring the recommendation of the area accreditation committee (either that the component site be added or not added) to the Commission. A Commission Reviewer will be assigned by the Accreditation Commission Chair and will bring the recommendation(s) to the Commission. The Commission will act upon recommendation(s) and either approve the addition of the component or deny the request (see Commission Actions).

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