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1. Complete the written request (Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet, Appendix 3) to add a Satellite Program.
2. A copy of Satellite Program agreement/contract signed by administrative officers of the center and Satellite Program’s host institution/agency:

2.1. specifies the Satellite Program receives its authorization and support from its host institution or agency; sponsor commits to conduct the CPE program in compliance with ACPE standards under the administration of the Accredited Member center;
2.2. clearly identifies the educational and administrative mechanism by which the Satellite Program is related to the Accredited Member;
2.3. clearly identifies the site where classes are held and the site(s) of clinical placements;
2.4. states the beginning and end date of the unit;
2.5. clearly outlines the number of hours that constitute the unit;
2.6. indicates that a current student handbook is available for each unit;
2.7. includes delineation of involvement of primary educator if Satellite Program employs/contracts with a Certified Educator Candidate;
2.8. includes all needed signatures.

4. History of CPE at Satellite Program.
5. Satellite Program-specific student handbook demonstrating compliance with ACPE standards, including materials specific to Satellite Program (administration, curriculum, staff, orientation schedule, other particulars), and material specific to clinical placements, if any (clinical site specific materials, e.g., administration, orientation, other particulars).
6. Appendix 5, Part I indicating where in the student handbook(s) required standards are addressed.
7. A copy of required materials sent to area accreditation committee chair (or designee) 45 days (postmarked) before the unit begins.
8. After the site visit, the following must be submitted to ACPE: .

a. Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet.
b. Copy of Regional Accreditation Committee’s recommendation and file of material (to include: site visit report verifying compliance with ACPE standards, satellite program agreement/contract and satellite program-specific student handbook, Appendix 5 Part I, clinical placement handbook(s) and agreements (if any), copy of the regional reviewer’s presenter’s report, copy of committee action).