A Satellite Program is created to provide programs of CPE of the host center (ACPE Accredited Member center). The Satellite Program may not function on its own and does not have any type accreditation extended except to provide the programs outlined in the Satellite Program contract.


1. An Accredited Member (host center) authorizes and oversees CPE programs at the Satellite Program through a contract that:

1.1. establishes the Accredited Member center (host center) as responsible for oversight of all program activities, student registration, fees, certificates, and quality of education at the Satellite Program;
1.2. specifies that the Satellite Program receives its authorization and support from its host center; the host center commits to conduct the CPE program in compliance with ACPE standards under the administration of the host center;
1.3. clearly identifies the educational and administrative mechanisms by which the Satellite Program is related to the host center;
1.4. clearly identifies the site where classes are held and the site(s) of clinical placements;
1.5. states the beginning and end dates of the unit(s) or the length of the contract;
1.6. clearly outlines the number of hours that constitute the unit;
1.7. indicates that a current student handbook is available for each unit;
1.8. for those Satellite Programs without a training educator on site, specifies the parameters of supervisory involvement of the host center when a Certified Educator Candidate is employed/contracted by the Satellite Program;
1.9. is signed by the administrative representative from each organization, the primary Certified Educator of the host center, and the Certified Educator who will be responsible for the administration of CPE at the Satellite Program site.

2. Satellite Programs must have a current student handbook that meets ACPE Standards.
3. Accredited centers must submit complete application materials at least 45 calendar days (postmarked) before the unit will commence and may apply at any time during the review cycle.
4. After the materials are received and found in order, provisional approval can be granted by the area accreditation committee chair (or chairs if cross-area Satellite Program). Provisional approval is subject to review by the area accreditation committee and final action of the Commission.
5. A Satellite Program located in another area from the center must receive approval by both area committees and have a site visit by at least one site visitor who verifies compliance with ACPE standards. The area of the host center leads the site visit unless the satellite’s aim is to become an accredited center. In that case, the area of the satellite location shall lead the site visit and facilitate the accreditation of the future new center.
7. A Satellite Program may begin programs only after having received provisional approval by the area accreditation committee chair (or chairs, if cross-area satellite program).
8. Requires a one person site visit by a member of the area accreditation committee within six months of start of programs.
9. Pre-accredited status centers may not apply to add Satellite Programs; exception: a freestanding pre-accredited center functioning wholly or in part as a CPE program contract agency that relies on satellite programs as a base of operations.
10. Satellite Programs may not establish other satellite programs.
11. Satellite Programs are not placements. A Satellite Program offers a CPE program in its entirety at the satellite program facility; placements are for clinical experience only.
12. An annual report is to be completed for each Satellite Program.


1. Notify Area Accreditation Chair of intent (so a reviewer can be identified).
2. Establish a contract.
3. Complete the Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3) and send it with the contract and a copy of the student handbook(s) to Regional Accreditation Chair.
4. Submit required materials to Area Accreditation Chair (or chair representative) at least 45 days (postmarked) before the unit is to begin.
5. Materials will be reviewed within two weeks of the start of the Satellite Program:

5.1. If materials are satisfactory, a letter of provisional accreditation will be issued.
5.2. If inadequacies are found, a letter outlining the inadequacies will be issued:

5.2.1.The letter can issue provisional status with a timeline for submission of the corrections.
5.2.2.The letter can deny provisional status and outline the inadequacies.

6. Area Accreditation Chair must report provisional approval to the National Office at the time provisional status is granted.
7. The chair (or representative who reads the materials) will bring a complete copy of the Satellite Program application (including any corrected materials) and presenter’s report to the next area meeting for committee action.
8. The Area Accreditation Chair will bring the recommendation of the area accreditation committee to the Accreditation Commission:

8.1. recommend adding the Satellite Program; or
8.2.recommend returning the materials to the host center for further study.

9. The Commission will act upon the Area Accreditation Committee’s recommendation and either approve the addition of the Satellite Program or deny the request.
10. Following the site visit, submit to ACPE:

10.1. Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet
10.2. Copy of area accreditation committee’s recommendation and file of material (to include: site visit report verifying compliance with ACPE standards; satellite program agreement/contract and satellite program-specific student handbook; copy of clinical placement handbook(s) and agreements (if any); copy of the area reviewer presenter’s report; copy of area committee’s action).

Click here for the checklist for Adding a Satellite Program.