1. Center

1.1 initiates consultation with Area Accreditation Chair.
1.2. submits Accreditation Review Request and Face Sheet (Appendix 3) to the Accreditation Commission Chair c/o ACPE Accreditation with a copy to the Area Accreditation Chair.
1.3. identifies potential dates for the site visit. The area chair, in consultation with the assigned NSTC, sets one of the dates listed by the center.
1.4. submits required materials to all members of site visit team and Regional Accreditation Chair at least 45 days (postmarked) in advance of the site visit.
1.5. responds to Site Visit Report Part I within 30 days (postmarked) of receipt of the report.
1.6. completes and submits Accreditation Appendix 8: Accreditation Process Evaluation upon notification of Commission action, within 30 days (postmarked) of receipt of the form.

2. Area accreditation committee

2.1. Chair, in consultation with the Site Team Chair, appoints site visit team members.
2.2. Centers may have input on the selection of the site visit team.
2.3. Site visit team:

• conducts site visit;
• prepares Site Visit Report Part I and sends to center within 14 days;
• receives center’s response and, within 14 days of receiving the response, prepares the final report (Site Visit Report Part II and recommendations);
• Site Team Chair forwards the complete set of materials from center’s accreditation process to the Commission reviewer assigned by the Commission Chair.

3. Accreditation Commission

3.1. Commission Chair assigns a Site Team Chair.
3.2. Commission chair assigns center’s application and supporting material to a Commission Reviewer.
3.3. Commission Reviewer reviews application/support materials, reviews the process and prepares a report.
3.4. Commission reviews findings of Reviewer; frames a motion for final action.
3.5. Commission actions:

• grant or deny accreditation, with or without notations. Centers have six to 12 months to comply with notations and provide documentation to the Commission.
• may include a commendation which will be published in the ACPE newsletter.

3.6. Commission notifies center, and others as required, of actions.