ACPE Certification

Certification by ACPE is an earned privilege and responsibility. It is achieved by meeting the requirements for certification in the ACPE standards. ACPE Certified Educators are clinical pastoral educators who are academically prepared and who are authorized by a recognized faith group and ACPE to combine perspectives from theology and the behavioral sciences in conducting accredited programs of clinically supervised ministry education.

Certification Commission

A. Function and Authority

The Certification Commission (“the Commission”) has authority to take action on all certification matters, including: granting, denying, or continuing certification; defining and implementing policies and procedures by which certification may be withdrawn; and determining the limits and conditions under which a person in training may practice supervision (ACPE Standard 400). The Certification Commission establishes policies, procedures, and guidelines for granting and maintaining certification of CPE Certified Educators. The work of the Commission is done in part through area certification committees delegated with authority to act on its behalf.

B. Composition

The Commission is composed of the chair, elected for a three-year term, and three representatives from each geographic areas.

1. Commission chair. The chair serves one three year term and may not serve two consecutive terms.
2. Three (3) representatives from each area, recommended to the Representation and Nominating Committee-RANC by their regions.
3. Two at-large members are selected by the RANC, which may receive recommendations from the Commission. The RANC elects persons to these positions to ensure appropriate diversity.
4. Prior to the beginning of the chair’s last year in office, the Commission recommends a chair-elect to the RANC. The chair-elect serves one year prior to becoming chair.
5. Commission members may serve two three year terms. In the event someone completes a term for another member, they are still eligible to complete two additional full terms of office.
6. ACPE Certified Educators who have served on the Certification Commission within the past 5 years may serve as Presenters and/or subcommittee members with the current commission if needed.

C. Qualifications and credentials of persons involved in certification

1. Certification Commission members are ACPE Certified Educators who are elected by their areas to serve a three-year term on the Commission. The Commission chair is responsible for providing orientation to the commission.
2. Non-disclosure agreement — All persons participating in certification processes who review or use student records during certification reviews will sign and abide by the non-disclosure agreement. Signed non-disclosure agreements are attached to the report of the subcommittee or committee and become part of the permanent record. The Commission chair or area committee chair is responsible for implementing this policy.