Certification by ACPE is granted by the Certification Commission. The Certification Commission establishes procedures and guidelines, detailed in the ACPE 2016 Certification Manual, for granting and maintaining certification of CPE Supervisors.

The Certification Commission has authority to take action on all certification matters, including: granting, denying or continuing certification; defining and implementing procedures by which certification may be withdrawn; and determining the limits and conditions under which a person in training may practice supervision. All Certification Commission decisions are subject to the ACPE appeal process.

Entry into the formal certification process requires (1) successful completion of at least four units of CPE Level I/Level II and (2) demonstration of competence in each of the CPE Level I/Level II outcomes attested to either by attaining chaplaincy certification through an ACPE-recognized organization or by one’s CPE supervisor in the student’s final evaluation.

Individuals are progressively authorized to conduct clinical supervision through levels of certification from Certified Educator Candidate to Associate Certified Educator to ACPE Certified Educator. Certified Educator Students (CES) are accepted into programs of Certified Educator CPE in preparation for certification as a Certified Educator Candidate.

Click on the following links to view the specific standards:

Standard 401 Certified Educator Practice

Standard 402 Pre-Certification: Preparation for Candidacy

Standards 403-406 Certification as Certified Educator Candidate

Standards 407-410 Certification as Associate Certified Educator

Standards 411-412 Certification as ACPE Certified Educator

Standard 413 Continuation of Certified Educator Status

Standard 414 Reciprocity for ACPE Certified Educator Status

Standard 415 Appeal of Certification Decisions