The Accreditation Commission establishes procedures and guidelines, detailed in the ACPE 2016 Accreditation Manual, for granting and maintaining the accreditation of an ACPE center and its programs. The Accreditation Commission has authority to take action on all accreditation matters, including granting, deferring, denying, suspending, or withdrawing accreditation for any center, subject to the ACPE appeal process.

300.1 All ACPE centers shall maintain compliance with ACPE Standards, reports, procedures, and fees as detailed in the ACPE Accreditation Manual.

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Standards 301-306 ACPE Accredited Centers

Standards 307-308 ACPE Accredited Programs

Standards 309-310 Objectives of CPE Level I/Level II

Standards 311-312 Outcomes of CPE Level I/Level II Programs

Standard 313 Objectives of Supervisory CPE

Standards 314- 319 Outcomes of Supervisory CPE

Standard 320 Appeal of Adverse Accreditation Decisions