Maintenance of high standards of ethical conduct is a responsibility shared by all ACPE members. Each student enrolled in a program of ACPE will maintain the ethical standards outlined in the center’s ethics policy.

ACPE members agree to adhere to a standard of conduct consistent with the code of ethics established in ACPE standards. Members are required to sign the Accountability For Ethical Conduct Policy Report Form yearly and return it with their annual ACPE dues. Members are required to provide promptly notice on this form to the ACPE Executive Director of any complaint of unethical or felonious conduct made against them in a civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, employment, or professional organization’s forum, including complaints within ACPE or APC.

Any ACPE member may invoke an ethics, accreditation or certification review process when a member’s conduct, inside or outside their professional work involves an alleged abuse of power or authority, involves an alleged felony, or is the subject of civil action or discipline in another forum when any of these impinge upon the ability of a member to function effectively and credibly as an ACPE Certified Educator, chaplain or spiritual care provider.

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Standard 101 In relationship to those served, ACPE members:

Standard 102 In relation to other groups, ACPE members:

Standard 103 In relation to ACPE, members:

Standard 104 In collegial relationships, ACPE members:

Standard 105 In conducting business matters, ACPE members: