Subscriptions define sets of files from different Sites and Folders.

All file download/upload is done with the user’s account and associated permissions.

Each File Subscription is represented by standard SharePoint List Item in the List “Subscription” located on the Subscription Management Site. The Subscription List is created when Control Sync for SharePoint is initially configured from the Control Panel.

File Subscription definitions can be defined as
  • Download only
  • Synchronize
  • Upload only

The Control Sync for SharePoint client program that runs on the users pc or as a Windows Service on a Server, downloads the subscriptions related to the current user and processes each one separately using the users own account and SharePoint permissions.

Whenever a file is downloaded/uploaded/deleted or when an error or conflict occurs then an entry in the Event Log List on the Management Site is created. The Subscription List item ID is included so that actions can be linked to the subscription in context.

Sample File Subscription List Item

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