Ontolica Fusion is preconfigured with an Installation Package named Control Sync for SharePoint

The first time Ontolica Fusion starts the user is prompted to select the configuration of choice.
The default configuration is Control Sync for SharePoint.

Next the user is prompted for username & password and the URL for the Subscription Management Site. When accepted Control Sync for SharePoint. starts replicating files according to the subscription definitions created for the user.

Custom business logic and branding af Control Sync for SharePoint

When you are ready to deploy your Control Sync for SharePoint setup to users you create an Installation Package (see screenshot below)

Control Sync for SharePoint Installation package content.
  • UI Branding (Logo, help links etc.)
  • Custom Business Logic
  • URL to the shared Subscription Management Site.

Install Control Sync for SharePoint with custom Installation Package

When you run Ontolica Fusion for the first time you are prompted to select how you want to Ontolica Fusion to be configured. Use a URL to download the package or Click browse to select it.
If you want to restore an existing Ontolica Fusion configuration use the ‘Installation>>Restore’ Menu Item in the right click menu on the program Icon in the Windows System Tray.

Silent install/Roll-out including custom Control Sync for SharePoint Installation Package

  • Place the Ontolica Fusion installer in a folder alongside your Control Sync for SharePoint Installation Package. Note that you can rename the installation program as you please. In the below example it is renamed to Setup.exe
  • Run the installation program with the following parameters: Setup.exe /S /v/qn
    Notice that there is no space in the argument: /v/qn
    Make sure there is only 1 Installation Package file in the folder.

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