Managed File Sync & Download to Desktops, OneDrive users and Servers from SharePoint Document Libraries and FileShares

No user interaction. Automatic centralized file rollout, control and audit.
  • Partners, Customers and Employees automatically receive the right files. Control and know when everyone in a project team is up-to-date.
  • Users don’t have to spend time finding and downloading files from multiple sites & folders. Job relevant files are automatically located and updated.
  • Local access to files offline when connection is bad, down or during force majeure.
  • Selectively Sync or Push files to multiple OneDrive accounts (from File Shares, SharePoint 2007, 10, 13, 16, 365) based on business rules like user involvement in projects or team memberships etc.


This is how it works
  • You create Subscriptions to files in Document Libraries as simple SharePoint List Items.
  • The Client program on the user’s machine or server reads the Subscription Items.
  • Files gets Downloaded, Synced or Uploaded according to rules and Permissions.

– That’s it! (Download the Free Edition. No time limit. No registration. Limited in Volume )

In other words – Centrally create/share/monitor subscriptions to files from across Site Collections to Employees, Partners, Customers and Servers.
All done from one out-of-the-box standard SharePoint site. Feature list here.

Secure and Simple concept.

without any user interaction.

  • Each user can have multiple subscriptions spanning multiple sites/site collections.
  • Each subscription is represented by standard SharePoint List Item and can be defined as Download-only, Upload-only or Synchronize.
  • Workflows and other apps can easily add/delete/modify subscription items thereby integrating Control Sync for SharePoint with existing business processes.

Whenever a file is downloaded/uploaded/deleted or when an error or conflict occurs then an entry in the Event Log List on the Management Site is created.

The client program that runs on the users pc, downloads the subscriptions and processes each one separately. By clicking the program-icon In the Windows system-tray the user can see what files gets downloaded/uploaded.

UI branding (logo, colours, help links etc.) can be applied. Custom Business Logic like dynamically differentiated upload/download sites,adding managed MetaData or file replication across multiple Document Libraries, can be applied.
Multiple configurations each with different business logic and branding can be targeted different groups of users like employees and external contractors.

Extend OneDrive to sync 1-way or 2-way to network shares or to other SharePoint Site

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