Network ports used by Starkit

If you have a firewall or network hardware, such as a router, you might need to make a configuration change in order for your Starkit to send and receive emails and also for you to have access to the Starkit web interface. This configuration change is sometimes called “opening ports” or “port forwarding.”


Ports required for you to have access to the Starkit web interface. Starkit always redirects all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS to make sure your users always access the web interface securely. Forward the following ports to your Starkit IP.

Port 80 (HTTP)
Port 443 (Secure HTTP)

Starkit Cloud

Port required to access Starkit Cloud web interface. Forward the following port to your Starkit IP

Port 8443

Starkit Mail Server

Ports required to send and receive email for domains hosted on your Starkit. See your domains list here. Open the following ports on both directions for your Starkit IP.

Port 25 (SMTP)
Port 465 (Secure SMTP)

External Mail Access

Ports required to access your Starkit hosted email from other email clients, such as your iPhone, Android phone or other email clients i.e. Outlook or Thinderbird. Forward the following ports to your Starkit IP.

Port 995 (Secure POP3)
Port 465 (Secure SMTP)

Starkit XMPP Communication Server (Voice, Video and Chat)

Ports required to use desktop and mobile voice, videoconferencing and chat applications (i.e. Jitsi) with your Starkit Communication Server (XMPP). Please open and forward the following ports to your Starkit IP.

Port 5222 (client to server xmpp)
Port 5269 (server to server xmpp)

Starkit Mail Collector

You can use Starkit web mail interface as your mail client to collect and send mail from other email services like Gmail or Hotmail or from any other POP3 or IMAP email account.The following common mail server outgoing ports are required to be open on your firewall.

Port 110 (POP3)
Port 143 (IMAP)
Port 220 (IMAP3)
Port 585 (Secure IMAP4 – SSL)
Port 993 (IMAP4 over SSL, IMAPS)
Port 995 (Secure POP3)
Port 25 (SMTP)
Port 465 (Secure SMTP)
Port 587 (SMTP MSA)
Port 2525 (SMTP)

How to set up port forwarding

You may find information how to open ports on your router at the Port Forward website.

If your router is not listed on the Port Forward website, contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer for help with opening network ports.

For more help with opening network ports, contact whoever provides support for your router, such as your Internet service provider or router manufacturer.

You can use to test if the ports are open.


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