An accurate comparison of mail or network security appliances with Starkit is not possible, because we compare a complete Solution (Starkit) with complimentary products.

Hardware or sfotware appliances such as Fortinet, Barracuda or Sophos do specific jobs i.e protecting your network from spam and viruses, some other appliances can be used for email archiving i.e. Barracuda. Every one of those appliances does only a specific job and none of those appliances can be used as a complete solution for mail and cloud storage. None of this appliances can replace your mail server or mail provider or cloud storage provider, only Starkit can. Starkit makes it easy to have one appliance that does it all, takes only few minutes to set it up and requires zero maintenance.

Every available security email appliance in the market does just a subset of the jobs done by Starkit. In order to achieve all of the Starkit functions, you need to have multiple appliances, each one doing different job and then connect them to work together i.e. mail server, spam filtering and antivirus software, cloud storage system, archiving solution, backyp solution, encryption solution, password management and unified user’s management. It is a huge headache to do it all right and requires many hours, extensive technical skills, high maintenance and high cost. Only Starkit makes it easy and keeps the cost at a fraction of what you would spend buying and connecting all these appliances together.

Starkit is more than the total of the following:

Starkit = email security appliance (i.e. Fortinet or Sophos or Barracuda) + Custom build Mail Server (i.e. MS Exchange) + Ultra fast webmail with advanced business features (nothing comparable exist in the market yet) + Calendaring + Contacts Management + Email Archiving (i.e. Barracuda Archiver) + Custom Build Cloud Storage Server (i.e. ownCloud) + SMS service + Encryption Solution + Unified user management…
plus the convenience of a single plug-n-play solution i.e. When Starkit installs you can send and receive emails from the very first minute without adding your domain name, just using the domain you create when you set up your Starkit i.e. It works like magic! You can of course add your own domains later.

Email and network security appliances are complimentary products to your existing email or file server solution. You must first have an email and cloud storage solution and then you can use email and network security appliances to strengthen the security of your solution.

An analogy is like a buying a protection case for your mobile phone. You can’t compare a cell phone case manufacturer with a mobile phone manufacturer.

An email security appliance (i.e. sophos or fortinet) is an accessory of your total privacy solution but is not the actual solution.

The analysis above explains why Starkit is the only complete solution for email and cloud storage privacy.


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