The iTaste MVP’ V.2 is a 2600mAh ‘Box Mod’ battery packed with features and is tough and robust in its build quality.

This style of battery is often referred to as being a ‘box mod’ due to it being a square shape. It can appeal to those who are seeking something that does not in its shape resemble a smoking tool or cigarette and sits very comfortably in the hand.

Please refer to our guide – Lithium Batteries – Care & Safety Warnings

What’s In The Box?
1 x iTaste MVP V.2 2600mAh Li-Ion Lithium Battery (size: 42 × 22 × 107mm)
1 x iTaste MVP Connect cable
1 x Plinth
1 x iClear 30s dual coil clearomiser with accompanying positionable ball joint mouthpiece
1 x Instruction manual & iClear filling leaflet. Always read and follow the manufacturers instruction manual carefully.

The iTaste MVP V.2 is loaded with features!

Multifunction Digital Display & Features
Variable Voltage from 3.3 – 5V in increments of 0.1 using the ‘U’ button on the digital display. Press the U button for 3 seconds. The puff counter is shown first, followed by the last adjustment made (either Voltage or Wattage). It then enters the Voltage mode. Pressing the U button cycles upwards in 0.1 increments from 3.3 up to 5volts after which it begins again at 3.3.

Variable Wattage from 6 – 11W in increments of 0.5W using the ‘P’ button on the digital display. Press the P button for 3 seconds. Again the puff counter is shown first followed by the last adjustment (either Voltage or Wattage) and then enters the Wattage mode. Pressing the P button cycles upwards from 6 unto 11 watts before beginning again at 6watts.

  • NOTE: Neither Exhale nor Innokin are responsible for any damage caused to an atomisation device that has been damaged because too much power has been applied or for power that has been applied for too long.
  • It is recommended that you begin on a low voltage and work upwards slowly. Never use without an atomisation device attached.

By holding both the U and P buttons together for 2 seconds you will see first the resistance of the atomiser attached, followed by the Voltage. If no atomisation device is attached the reading displayed will be ‘NON’.

Other Features

  • Passthrough: This means that you can safely vape using the power provided by your PC whilst it is simultaneously charging via your PC’s USB port. It’s dual threaded with both the 510 and Ego threads so that you can use a multitude of different atomisation devices.
  • Power Remaining: You are kept up to date on remaining power by the different coloured LED’s used in the frame that surrounds the power button. Green = Fully Charged, Yellow = 50% discharged, Red = In need of charging.
  • On/Off: You can enable and disable the battery by performing 3 fast presses of the power button. This ensures that during transportation or storage should the battery button become depressed you will not lose the power stored in it.
  • Powerbank: The iTaste MVP V.2 can be used as a power source for your electronic devices. It has a USB port on the base that when switched to Power Out mode will charge your phone, iPod etc. or boost lagging power in other devices such as a tablet.
  • The iTaste MVP Connect Cable suppled doubles duty as both the charging lead and charging output lead via its multi- socket connector fitted with the 3 most popular power connectors (iPhone/Ipod, Mini USB, Micro USB).
  • Built in short circuit protection for your atomiser and battery.
  • Over charge protection.
  • Over heating protection via a 10 second cut off should you vape for too long or if the button is accidentally depressed and additionally,
  • Memory of the last set voltage and wattage even if it has been switched off.

The iTaste MVP V.2 is supplied with a 3ml capacity iClear 30s dual coil clearomiser and a 360 degree rotatable mouthpiece that sits on a ball joint allowing you to vape in a position that is customised and most comfortable to you. Also included is a plinth that can be used to assist and stabilise other clearomisers that you might wish to use with it. The iClear 30S coils are replaceable.

To fill:

  1. Remove mouthpiece.
  2. Fill with eliquid. Do not fill higher than the point at which you can see the wick emerge from the central pillar.
  3. Replace mouthpiece.
  4. Wipe down with tissue.
  5. Dispose of used tissue into your household waste.
  6. Wash hands thoroughly.


  1. Attach the MVP Connect cable to the charging port on the base of the battery.
  2. Plug the USB connector into your PC.

    • Alternatively plug the USB connector into a USB/3Pin Adapter and then into the household mains. Never use an adaptor that is more than 500ohms.
    • When attached to a power source the LED light surrounding the battery button will blink first red, then yellow followed by green before returning to the current battery power status.
    • When charging is complete all lights will turn off.
    • Charging time: 3.5 – 5.5 hours.

Always unplug when charging is complete and store the MVP Connect cable carefully.

Daily Care:
It is in your best interests to keep your electronic cigarette battery & atomiser well maintained. Carrying out a daily maintenance procedure that takes under 2 minutes of your time will help to ensure smooth and reliable vaping pleasure.

  1. Remove atomisation device & set aside.
  2. Make a corner twist in some tissue and wriggle it in the battery cavity (where the atomiser connects) to remove any liquid residue.
  3. Wipe over battery connector threads.
  4. Follow cleaning advice in this manual for the atomisation device used if it is not the iClear 30s.

iClear 30s

  1. With tissue wipe over all threads and contact points.
  2. Wash/rinse mouthpiece, dry thoroughly.
  3. Refill as per the instructions above.
  4. Dispose of used tissue into your household waste.
  5. Wash hands thoroughly.

Always read and follow the manufacturers instruction manual carefully.

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