Exhale Guide to Daily Care/Weekly Care/Maintenance/Storage & Transportation of your eCap Electronic Cigarette

It is in your best interests to keep your electronic cigarette well maintained. Carrying out a daily maintenance procedure that takes under 2 minutes of your time will help to ensure smooth and reliable vaping pleasure.

Following cleaning/maintenance or refilling ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly
Store liquids and your device when not in use out of reach of children.


Begin by disassembling the battery from your device.

Cleaning the mouthpiece:

  1. Remove Mouthpiece and rest the tank on a solid, flat surface where it will not be knocked over.
    You may wash your mouthpiece in warm water and a mild detergent. Always rinse in clear running water and air dry thoroughly.
    Or: With tissue, tightly twist a corner and push it into the mouthpiece, this will absorb moisture from unvaped product and condensation.
  2. Refill the clearomiser, replace mouthpiece and wipe over the device with tissue to absorb any spillage.
  3. Ensure cap of your eliquid is secure and store safely out of reach of children.

Atomisation Device Cleaning:

  1. Make a twist with a corner of a tissue and wriggle this in the bottom of your clearomiser or cartridge and around the inner threads to absorb and wipe away liquid residue.
  2. If liquid is spilled wipe immediately with tissue and dispose of this in normal household waste.

Battery Cleaning: Please see our guide Lithium Batteries – Care & Safety Warnings

Keeping the contacts of your battery clean assists in proper charging and this will also ensure your charging lead contacts are kept clean. Additionally, it also ensures proper contact with your atomisation device and thus ensures your electronic cigarette performs well.

  1. Twist a corner of tissue and push into the battery cavity, wriggling it around to clean any liquid residue.
  2. Wipe over the external battery threads.
  3. Dispose of all used tissue in household waste and wash your hands.

Refilling the eCap Clearomiser:

  1. Remove mouthpiece and set aside.
  2. Hold clearomiser at an angle and position nozzle of eliquid bottle into the side of the tank.
  3. Gently and slowly squeeze liquid into the tank chamber ensuring liquid does enter the central pillar.
  4. Replace mouthpiece.
  5. Wipe over to remove liquid residue.
  6. Dispose of tissue into household waste.
  7. Recap and store e-liquid out of reach of children.
  8. Wash hands thoroughly.

Storage and Transportation:

Carrying cases & lanyards can be purchased from here: Carrying Cases

Carry and store your electronic cigarette in a carry case in an upright position, mouthpiece upwards. Never be tempted to carry it in your pocket where it can be subjected to sideways pressure, for example, if you lean on something or sit down.

If your electronic cigarette is accidentally knocked or dropped it can be broken and/or begin to leak. Store it in a carry case and keep it out of reach of children.

Look after it and it will serve you well. Like a normal cigarette, if you carried or kept it on its own in your pocket or bag it would be broken and unusable. *It is not bullet proof!*__

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